And the winner is…

Congratulations to Benoit Penaud on winning our Robot Overlords competition.

Thanks to all the artists who submitted entries to our recent Robot Overlords brief. As always, the standard of entries was really high! If you want to see what the brief looked like, head over to the official brief post right here.

Robot Overlords (originally titled Our Robot Overlords) is a 2015 science fiction film, starring Callan McAuliffe, Ben Kingsley and Gillian Anderson. The film is directed by Jon Wright and produced by Piers Tempest. For more details on the movie, visit the official Robot Overlords Facebook and Twitter pages.

About The Winning Entry

About the Artist

Currently working as a freelance graphic designer, Benoit has worked for five years in a communication agency, working mainly in Print (Key Art, Advertising) and Webdesign. He also has some knowledge in 3D, Matte-Painting and Illustration.

Benoit has worked for companies including HBO, Status Media & Entertainment, Summer House Pictures, Prime Books and Liberal Region Productions.

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From the Director

JON WRIGHT (Director)

“Choosing a winner was tough as the standard of entries was so high. I consulted with my producer, Piers Tempest, and my co-writer, Mark Stay, and we all had different winners – so take that as an indication of how tricky  the decision was!

My winner is Benoit Penaud. I really like the way he’s rendered the Sentry robot, it almost looks airbrushed. There’s a stark, epic look to the image – all extraneous detail has been stripped out, which adds  to the impact. It feels contemporary but there are touches – the font chosen for the title, for example – that remind you of an old sci-fi paperback, a retro touch, which for me is really cool. And I love the big splash of lens flare over the robot headlamp, and the glare from  the doors opening behind the robot! I’m a sucker for lens flare, maybe not to the level of JJ Abrams in Super 8 mode, but getting there…”

“Honourable mentions for Chris Wykes and Philip Borg. I loved their stark, graphic images.”