The EXPANDED UNIVERSE is the theme that will live at the heart of our Digital Collectables collections. Exploring the world beyond the movie, beyond what we see and know.

Imaging the world of pop culture icons from a totally new and unique perspective…

Celebrating the expanded universe of movie-related popular culture, the AMP Expanded Universe Digital Collections will give artists the opportunity to create original pieces of art inspired by the world of movies that we all know and love, and give AMP fans the opportunity to own unique and official AMP digital art collections that express our collective passion for the world of movies, TV and games.

DIGITAL COLLECTABLES done right offer art lovers –

  • A new way to collect and own the art you love

  • A new marketplace to buy and sell digital art

  • A new way to support the artists you admire

Buy, collect and trade unique and original pieces of digital art from the artists you love and support this brilliant creative community.




What are Digital Collectables?

Digital ownership is in its infancy. As art lovers and digital pioneers it is a natural progression for us to explore this new technology which we believe will become part of all our lives in the coming years.

We believe the fundamental concept of digital ownership provides artists with an exciting new commercial opportunity and art lovers with amazing new ways to expand upon their art collecting passion.

Whilst it would be fair to say that the world of NFT’s didn’t get off to the best start and not all early press has been favourable, as the technology matures the opportunities that digital ownership presents become ever more exciting for us all.

Digital ownership also provides both artists and the art community with a new indisputable provenance of original digital art, and artists the ability to benefit commercially from secondary sales of their work for the first time ever. It is an exciting time to be in the art world!

But what about the environment?

Previously NFT’s minted on the Ethereum blockchain required significant computing power consuming lots of energy. Thankfully recent advances in the Ethereum code have eradicated this use of energy, reducing CO2 emissions by over 99%!

Introducing our amazing Partners


FAN3 provides a full service solution for artists, creators and brands looking to build in Web3. From management and strategy through to platform build and smart contracts, FAN3 allow artists to connect with their audiences in new and meaningful ways. FAN3 have worked with some of the leading digital artists in the world such as Refik Anadol, Trevor Jones, Tom Yoo, Maalavidaa, Swopes, Leo Villareal and NoCreative publishing collection drops, curating and building brands. As an established partner with Nifty Gateway they have generated over $1 million in art sales on the platform and exhibited work in LA, New York, London, Amsterdam and Istanbul.


Nifty Gateway is the premiere marketplace for Digital Art Collectables. Nifty Gateway provides us with an already thriving community of digital art lovers who actively collect and trade art. The added benefit of Nifty Gateway is the ability for collectors to purchase art with a credit card – no crypto required! – making this the easiest way to get into digital art without any crypto knowledge or exposure!

Create your Nifty Gateway account today so you’re ready for the first AMP EXPANDED UNIVERSE drops:


A Personal Message from Rick and Simon

Digital Collectables and the whole world of NFT’s has been a confusing space to navigate and one that has had its fair share of problems and controversy. We’ve used this time to educate ourselves on the benefits and pitfalls of NFTs and spent a long time speaking with potential partners and advisors to ensure we get it right.

  • We’ve studied the tech

  • Waited for the hype to die down

  • Waited for a more informed and educated audience not driven by hype and “get rich quick” madness

  • We’ve spent time learning about NFTs, blockchain, gas fees and environmental issues

  • We’ve looked at the issues around cryptocurrency and found a solution that enables us to bypass it

  • We’ve waited until environmental concerns have been fully answered

  • We’ve chosen our partners very carefully and are building an expanded universe that adds value to our community

  • We will be delivering digital art for those who want to collect it

  • And we will continue to work tirelessly to celebrate and promote the AMP artist community, the art and the passion for pop culture that embodies everything we do

We believe digital collecting will become a big part of our futures and we are committed to leading the charge and ensuring best practice and best terms are the order of the day for our artists and fans.

We’re here for the long term and we’re fully committed to putting the AMP community on a global stage. Over the coming weeks we’ll explain everything we have planned and will provide education and information to help our community make the best informed decisions.

We can’t wait for you to join us in the AMP EXPANDED UNIVERSE!

Rick & Si