AMP is super excited to announce the launch of a new store with global retailer FIREBOX .

We are constantly asked at AMP how people can buy the work that we showcase on the site, asking for high quality work at a reasonable price. So now, partnering with FIREBOX, we are launching a new store that will offer some amazing work from some very talented global artists at a price all can afford.

FIREBOX have been massively supportive of AMP and our artists, and we can’t wait for the launch of this very exciting project.

It has taken many months of work but we are very excited to see this project finally get off the ground. We had a lot of submissions for this first stage launch, and we want to thank everyone who took the time to submit work.

To help with our launch we also had an amazing teaser poster created by the very talented Scott Woolston, which perfectly summed up the movie-inspired feel of something big arriving soon. Thanks so much Scott.

All work on the new shop is printed to order as a high quality giclée digital art print on 230gsm matte paper. Orders are then shipped in our new signature Red tubes, so you know what to look out for when the postman arrives. Work is available in both A3 and A2, framed and unframed, with prices starting from just £19.99.

Below is a list of the artists who will feature in the launch of the new shop, along with a small selection of the work that will be on offer. With over 130 pieces for launch and nearly 50 artists contributing, we are very excited to see this launch and grow over the coming months.

Falling Moon by Aaron Wells

Wasteland Chase by Ahmet Gonulluoglu

From Dawn to Infinity by Alain Bossuyt

Murphy by Andy Fairhurst

I Killed Em Gilbert by Beady Eyes

The Man from the Moon by Benedict Woodhead

Prince with a Thousand Enemies by Colin Newman

Dancing Queen by Cranio Dsgn

Sigurgh by Dabre Idriss

Cocaine by Daniel Devoy

There i Another Place Below Hell by David Moscati

Survivor by Dominic Flask

Lost and Found by Edgar Ascensao

Anung Un Rama by Enisaurus

Ode To Ultra-Violence by Falcon White

Alabama by Faye West

He’s Not Like Us by Felix Tindall

You’ve Got Red On You by Garry Marta

Your Move Creep by Hamza Ansari

Spaghetti Bunch by Harijs Grundmanis

The Guilt of Lapadite by Ian Hinley

Hang Me, Oh Hang Me by Ignacio RC

The Spartan by JB Roux

Outside 237 by Jez Owen

Beauty is Vicious by Joshua Kelly

Murder by Juan Manuel Orozco

Bear Hunter by Krysten Newby

Beyond by Lazare Gvimradze

Tin Soldier by Liam Brazier

An Intelectual Look by Neven Udovicic

No Monster by Peter Gray

Watery Escape by Peter McNally

The Vale of Shadows by Rich Davies

Wake Up by Sam Dunn

Dive by Sam Gilbey

Fel by Sharm Murugiah

Destroying Something Beautiful by Simon Delart

Welcome to the 23rd Century by Simon Hawes

Marshmallow Selfie by Simon Heard

Am I Just Some Animal by The Dark Inker

The 8th Passenger by Thomas Kirkeberg

District 9 by Tibor Lovas

Oswald Cobblepot by Yannis the Pilgrim

Daddy’s Home by Jason Heatherly

Taxi For Hire by Mark Levy

Help! Shark by Simon Caruso

Mr. Keneda’s dilemma by Mohammad Jilani

Dragon Ball Z by Doaly

Work will be available from Thursday 15th September, 2016. Full links and details to follow.

Many thanks again to our amazing artists and thanks to everyone who has and continues to support what we do here at AMP.

We are always on the look out for new work to add to the store. If you would like to submit some work or find out more about commissions, please drop us an email here and we’ll get back to you with more details.