AMP is very excited to partner once again with Mirco Zett to produce a Limited Edition Print inspired by X-Men: First Class:

“MONSTER” is a huge 24″x36.5″ stamped and hand numbered edition of 50, digitally printed on 230gsm Canon Matt Art Paper.

The main inspiration behind this piece is the “Frankenstein’s monster” aspect of Erik’s / Magneto’s character in X-Men: First Class.

The piece itself is a surreal scenario which shows Erik’s / Magneto’s journey from the concentration camp as a traumatised child to the man he becomes, but whose actions and ideals are still affected by the haunting memories he is carrying.

Mirco Zett, Digital Artist, Illustrator, Typographer.

Work in progress:

Monster WIP sketches
Monster Documentation
Detail shot from MONSTER by Mirco Zett

Detail no.1 from MONSTER by Mirco Zett
(photograph of actual print)

Detail 2 from MONSTER by Mirco Zett

Detail no.2 from MONSTER by Mirco Zett
(photograph of actual print)

Detail 3 from MONSTER by Mirco Zett

Detail no.3 from MONSTER by Mirco Zett
(photograph of actual print)


AMP also worked with Mirco last year on an amazing set of Star Wars inspired prints, entitled “Trilogy”. These were a great success, helping Mirco pick up further commissions off the back of this collaboration. We will be releasing 10 final sets of these beauties soon, so make sure you don’t miss out.

Beginning by Mirco Zett
Fall by Mirco Zett
Redemption by Mirco Zett

Mirco had a solo exhibition last year entitled: Weltenmaler (Painter of Worlds) at artROOM Konstanz ( as well as a forthcoming project to create a vinyl cover for a jack the ripper/batman shortfilm… more to follow on this soon, as it’s still in development.

We love working with Mirco, his enthusiasm for his work is infectious! The detail and time he spends on each piece along with his eye for composition makes him a pleasure to work with, and we always look forward to the next Mirco piece.

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