AMP recently caught up with Peter Strain to chat about his work, upcoming show and what inspires him.

“I generally start with a sketch, either physical or digital, and then draw out the elements. Scan all these in and colour and composite within Photoshop/Indesign.”

Raiders of the Lost Arc by Peter Strain
Raiders of the Lost Ark by Peter Strain

Peter Strain
Where in the world are you?
Job title:
How long have you been doing this?
3 &1/2 years
Is this your day job?

Can you quickly describe your creative process, how do you start a project and what programs or pens do you use to make it?
I generally start with a sketch, either physical or digital, and then draw out the elements. Scan all these in and colour and composite within Photoshop/Indesign.

Favourite movie?
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

It’s tone is perfect – it’s both hopeful and pessimistic. Even the soundtrack is spot on from Becks cover of ‘Everybody’s Gotta learn Sometime’ to Jon Brions Theme.

Favourite original movie poster
Maybe ‘Rosemarys Baby’

Favourite alternative movie poster
Oh, not sure. It changes a lot as there are so many great ones. I really loved The Exorcist by Phantom City Creative or Drive by Mike Horowitz

Rosemary's Baby Original Movie Poster
Rosemary’s Baby Original Movie Poster
Drive by Mike Horowitz
Drive by mike Horowitz
The Exorcist by Phantom City Creative
The Exorcist by Phantom City Creative

Piece of work you’re most proud of?
Possibly ‘Rushmore’, ‘Prometheus’ or ‘Pulp Fiction’

Well I just love Rushmore the film and I feel like my piece for it has the right tone for it. I like the simple idea behind the prometheus one – even if it’s not one of my favourite movies.
I think the Pulp Fiction shows off my strengths and I’m particularly pleased with the type work in this one

Who would you say has been or currently is your inspiration?
I’ve always loved the work of David Foldvari, Paul Davis, Shrigley, Steven Forbes and Olly Moss. I really loved the grubby yet elegant way these artists used lettering and humour in their work. I was also captivated by the composition of their works – generally opting for great use of white space and juxtaposition between larger and smaller elements.

Rushmore by Peter Strain
Rushmore by Peter Strain
Prometheus by Peter Strain
Prometheus by Peter Strain
Pulp Fiction by Peter Strain
Pulp Fiction by Peter Strain

Last movie you saw
The first half Friday the 13th part 7 last night (fell asleep as it was late)

Any good?
I enjoyed it – doesn’t mean its good though, ha!

Have you seen anything recently that other people HAVE to know about? Exhibitions, books, short films etc?
It’s hardly likely to be something that people don’t know about – but I’m totally captivated by ‘The Returned’ currently showing on channel 4. Beautifully shot, paced, acted and the score for it from Mogwai is just amazing!

Any future projects you can tell us about?
There’s a very exciting project coming up in August with Film4 and Print Club London for Somerset House. My design is for CARRIE (see below)

Carrie by Peter Strain

Carrie by Peter Strain

I am part of 17 illustrators/artists asked to create work for an exhibition of editioned hand screen printed film posters to coincide with Film4 Summer Screen at Somerset House with American Express®

All the prints will be produced in limited editions of 200, signed by the artist and available to buy at £40 each. The exhibition will be open daily until late throughout the Film4 Summer Screen at Somerset House season.

I’m also involved with some projects coming up with Frightfest as well which I’m really looking to!!

Thanks so much to Peter for taking the time to talk to us.

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