AMP recently caught up with Cameron K. Lewis to find out more about his work and what inspires his creative process.

Cameron K. Lewis


Where in the world are you?
Los Angeles, CA

Job title
Illustrator/Storyboard Artist

How long have you been doing this?
About 3 years

Is this your day job?
Luckily yes

Can you quickly describe your creative process, how do you start a project and what programs or pens do you use to make it?
I usually start with very rough thumbnails on copy paper or index cards. Once I’ve found an idea I really like, I gather all the reference I can and do a more refined sketch in Photoshop with my Wacom. From there, and depending on the piece, I either do a final drawing and ink it on watercolor paper or continue the drawing in Photoshop. I do a couple of quick color blocks to lock down a general color scheme, though that’s usually the hardest part for me, and then obsessively polish from there.

Favourite movie
The Empire Strikes Back

It’s just Star Wars at its absolute best. It took everything that was so amazing about Episode IV and enriched it. The characters grew beyond the archetypes they were in Episode IV and were more complex and interesting to watch. The mythology and mysticism of the Force grew with the introduction of Yoda. We got to see so much more of the Star Wars universe which is put on screen beautifully. Plus its got one of the best movie twists of all time.

Favourite original movie poster
I’d have to say Drew Struzan’s posters for the 1997 Star Wars Special Editions (see below). I just remember seeing them in the local theater as a 10 year old and being so excited to see Star Wars on the big screen. Struzan is a legend and deservedly so.

Favourite alternative movie poster
I feel a bit foolish saying it because I know that James Gilleard mentioned it in his interview, but I absolutely love Olly Moss’ Star Wars trilogy set for Mondo. Absolutely brilliant.

Piece of work you’re most proud of
Probably my Jurassic Park Poster (below).

It was one of my first forays into this new hobby of doing movie posters for fun as well as doing a piece entirely digital. What I love about it is that I feel that it captures an iconic visual moment from the moment, of which there are plenty because it’s Spielberg, while still paying homage to the simplicity of that wonderful original poster.

Who would you say has been or currently is your inspiration
I tend to always come back to a couple of incredible artists: Yuko Shimizu, Frank Stockton, Tomer Hanuka, Sam Bosma, and Kali Ciesmier. I’m also always finding new artists that blow me away. (300 by Tomer Hanuka below)

Last movie you saw

Any good?
Very, very good.

Have you seen anything recently that other people HAVE to know about? Exhibitions, books, short films etc?
The SPACE! show curated by Mike Mitchell up at Gallery 1988 West right now looks incredible. So, so many good artists. I still have to go over and check that out. Also, the Alice X. Zhang show Moments at the Bottleneck Gallery. Beautiful work. See more details here.

Any future projects you can tell us about?
I’m working on a piece that I’m very excited about for the upcoming show Where Is My Mind? at the Bottleneck Gallery opening July 12th.

Big thanks to Cameron for taking the time to speak to us. See more of Cameron’s work on AMP here, or visit his site here for more details.