Design the artwork for a killer classic!

Design the artwork for the steelbook release of ‘American Psycho – the 15th Anniversary Edition’.

Lionsgate Home Entertainment are on the hunt for a killer Steelbook cover for the 15th Anniversary release of American Psycho. Following on from the DVD and Blu-ray release on the 6th July, Lionsgate Home Entertainment will be releasing a Steelbook edition in the Autumn and your design could be available for your fellow fans to own and admire.

Starring Christian Bale as the titular psycho, Patrick Bateman, American Psycho tells the story of Bateman’s chronic blood lust and descent into insanity, set against the back drop of 1980s New York and Wall Street.

The Brief:

The design can be whatever you like and Lionsgate Home Entertainment can help make it fit the Steelbook shape from whatever you supply, however please work to a portrait format so it can be adapted to Steelbook size at a later date.

Image Resources:

Download the official image assets for use here

Movie Trailer:

A little reminder of this awesome movie…

Submission Details:

Please send all entries to or via our Facebook page.

The Prize:

Lionsgate Home Entertainment and AMP will select the winner who will not only be able to see their design on the final Steelbook but will also receive a home cinema projector, a copy of their winning product, an Archival print from AMP and a Lionsgate Home Entertainment classic Steelbook bundle.

Submission Deadline:


Good luck everyone!