Feref: Unseen – The Movie Poster Archive

An intimate and unique look into the poster archive of one of the world’s leading movie marketing companies, featuring never seen before concept art for some of the world’s biggest films.


Since 1968, Feref has helped to advertise some of the biggest and best-loved movies in the history of cinema and this book is a visual record of their most memorable work. It gives an in-depth insight into their archive, featuring pieces from over 3,500 films, acting as a love letter to the hard work and dedication of the artists that created stunning movie posters across 6 decades.

Each page will show treasures from across the collection in stunning detail, from source material and first concept sketches to work in progress illustrations and even alternative ideas that have never before seen the light of day. It will illustrate how an idea was transformed into an iconic image that needed to stop traffic and sell tickets.

The paintings, illustrations and alternative layouts will be as close as you can get to standing over their shoulder and watching as they paint the posters the world fell in love with. This isn’t just another collection of movie posters; this is a one-of-a-kind insight into the world of film advertising, featuring words and works of some of the greatest movie poster artists of all time. This beautiful book is for poster fans, for film fans and for anyone who appreciates art in all its forms.

FEREF: UNSEEN – over 200 pieces of movie art / 200 pages / 32x25cm


This is your chance to own an extremely limited, exclusive piece of movie poster history. Reserve your copy on Kickstarter now.