Canon Alternative Movie Posters Event

Alternative Movie Posters at FESPA Digital 2016

For the last two years now, we’ve used Canon art printers to produce our posters. The results are amazing and we’ve developed a great relationship with Canon as a result.

For this year’s Digital FESPA event, we partnered with Canon to show off some of the amazing alternative movie posters created by our community – and demonstrate just how good Canon’s printing technology is. It was an ideal match and the event stand looked AMAZING as you can see from these photos.

FESPA Digital 2016 1

We put the call out to the community and had a great response. Unfortunately we couldn’t use all the submissions, but the final selection was pretty awesome!

The pieces were produced at A1 on a Canon printer at the highest quality, and were displayed at the top of Canon’s central Carousel, and they looked amazing.

Massive thanks to Canon for getting us involved with this great project, and a massive thanks to the artists that took part.

Here’s the full set of AMP artwork presented at the show:

Tom Ryan - Automata

Tom Ryan – Automata

Adam Davidson - Alien

Adam Davison – Alien

Adam Davidson - Mad Max

Adam Davison – Mad Max

Alain Bossuyt - 2001 AD

Alain Bossuyt – 2001 AD

Alain Bossuyt - The Shining

Alain Bossuyt – The Shining

Chris Wharton - Jaws

Chris Wharton – Jaws

Clement Moreau - Godzilla

Clement Moreau – Godzilla

Benedict Woodhead - Automata

Benedict Woodhead – Automata

Greg Bunbury - Reanimator

Greg Bunbury – Reanimator

Mark Button - Blade Runner

Mark Button – Blade Runner

Mainger Germain - Ex Machina

Mainger Germain – Ex Machina

Richard May - Duel

Richard May – Duel

Simon Caruso - Planet of the Apes

Simon Caruso – Planet of the Apes

Simon Caruso - Usual Suspects

Simon Caruso – Usual Suspects

Simon Hawes - Where Eagles Dare

Simon Hawes – Where Eagles Dare

Simon Hawes - Logan's Run

Simon Hawes – Logan’s Run

Metropolis - Simon Hawes

Simon Hawes – Metropolis

Simon Hawes - Rush

Simon Hawes – Rush

Simon Hawes - Seven Samurai

Simon Hawes – Seven Samurai

Watch this space, as we have some exciting plans for our own AMP exhibition later in the year, where you’ll all be invited to take part.