Paul is one of our 30×30: 1988 exhibition artists, and in this series of showcases we aim to show and tell you a little more about the artist, their work and why they chose the film they will be creating work for. Also WIP from their 1988 piece and details on how you can grab one of these for yourself.

Coming to America (1988)

Film Synopsis

An extremely pampered African Prince travels to Queens, New York, and goes undercover to find a wife whom he can respect for her intelligence and will.

About the Artist

Paul Zeaiter was born in 19-something-something in Sydney, Australia, in the era of Prince, Nintendo, breakdance, hair metal, mullets, Michael Jordan and Transformers. After completing his apprenticeship in some of Sydney’s premier design studios, Paul left to expand his horizons in London where his love for design and music expanded. After taking a hiatus from DJing, Paul picked up the guitar, and ever since, his worlds of art and music meshed. Music fuelled his passion for art and design, and created a desire to integrate both passions into his personal and professional lifestyle.

With each client and every new project, Paul combines his aesthetic sensibility with a comprehensive cultural understanding to create distinctive designs, illustrations and typography. He specialises in creating visual designs for the music industry through illustration, branding, packaging and merchandise. Taking inspiration from pop culture, street culture, art and music, Paul has been commissioned to design numerous projects for a diverse range of clients across the globe.

Paul currently resides and works in Los Angeles. When he is not designing, he can be found painting under the moniker “Zeet”.


Be sure to check out all of Paul’s work, and we’ll be sure to share some teases of their 80s classic real soon.

Paul Zeaiter

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