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We’ve joined forces with FIREBOX to bring you an incredible curated collection of alternative movie posters from artists around the world.

Work is available to buy in both A3 and A2, framed and unframed, with prices starting from just £19.99 or framed from £39.99. Browse the collection below, click an image to see more details and purchase from the Firebox site.

‘What Kind of Bird Are You?’ by Sam Dunn (Print inspired by Moonrise Kingdom)

‘Falling Moon’ by Aaron Wells (Print inspired by Moon)

‘Watery Escape’ by Peter McNally (Print inspired by Ponyo)

‘The Mexican’ by Mark Levy (Print inspired by Machete Kills)

‘Beyond’ by Lazare Gvimradze (Print inspired by Star Trek Beyond)

‘Murder’ by Juan Manuel Orozco (Print inspired by The Shining)

‘Outside 237’ by Jez Owen (Print inspired by The Shining)

‘I’ve Seen Things’ by Simon Hawes (Print inspired by Blade Runner)

‘Murphy’ by Andy Fairhurst (Print inspired by Robocop)

‘Warthog From Hell’ by Beady Eyes (Print inspired by Raising Arizona)

‘Dancing Queen’ by Cranio DSGN (Print inspired by Carrie)

‘Chigurh’ by Dabre Idriss
(Print inspired by No Country For Old Men)

‘Sleeping Sue’ by Faye West (Print inspired by Lolita)

Hang Me, Oh Hang Me’ by Ignacio RC (Print inspired by Inside Llewyn Davis)

‘Tin Soldier’ by Liam Brazier (Print inspired by The Terminator)

‘Bear Hunter’ by Krysten Newby (Print inspired by The Revenant)

‘Armies Of The Night’ by Joshua Kelly (Print inspired by The Warriors)

‘Marshmallow Selfie’ by Simon Heard (Print inspired by Ghostbusters)

‘Jonesy’ by The Dark Inker (Print inspired by Alien)

‘Oswald Cobblepot’ by Yannis the Pilgrim (Print inspired by Batman Returns)

Strength and Honour’ by Thomas Kirkeberg (Print inspired by Gladiator)

‘Facing Bruce’ by Alain Bossuyt (Print inspired by Jaws)

‘An Intellectual Look’ by Neven Udovicic (Print inspired by Woody Allen)

He’s Not Like Us’ by Felix Tindall (Print inspired by Midnight Special)

Prince With A Thousand Enemies’ by Colin Newman (Print inspired by Watership Down)

‘Fel’ by Sharm Nurugiah (Print inspired by Warcraft)

A Glow In The Darkness’ by JB Roux (Print inspired by The Hobbit)

Lost and Found’ by Edgar Ascensao (Print inspired by The Martian)

Survivor’ by Dominic Flask (Print inspired by Harry Potter)

Strange Readings’ by Ian Hinley (Print inspired by Godzilla)

One Ring’ by Harijs Grundmanis (Print inspired by Lord of the Rings)

An Unexpected Turn Of Events’ by Enisauras (Print inspired by Fargo)

‘You’ve Got Red On You’ by Garry Mata (Print inspired by Shaun of the Dead)

‘Blood lost. Life found.’ by Ignacio RC (Print inspired by The Revenant)

‘Wake Up’ by Sam Dunn (Print inspired by Donny Darko)

‘Shoot First’ by Simon Hawes (Print inspired by In Bruges)

‘I Killed Em Gilbert’ by Beady Eyes (Print inspired by What’s Eating Gilbert Grape)

Butterfly’ by Cranio DSGN (Print inspired by Deathproof)

‘Rachel’ by Dabre Idriss (Print inspired by Blade Runner)

‘Bateman Blown Away’ by John Godfrey (Print inspired by American Psycho)

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