Grundmanis Harijs is one of our 30×30 exhibition artists, and in this series of showcases we aim to show and tell you a little more about the artist, their work and why they chose the film they will be creating work for.

Masters of the Universe (1987)

Film Synopsis

The heroic warrior He-Man battles against lord Skeletor and his armies of darkness for control of Castle Grayskull.

About the Artist

“I am illustrator and graphic designer. I am making posters for movies, concerts and other events. I am making also animation movies, I am drawing concept art and working on packaging design”.

Why did you choose that film?

“Masters Of Universe I chose, because it is some kind of classic. Even if this movie is not so good, still many have special Masters Of Universe spot in heart. It was a pleasure for me to make this poster”.

Any news you’d like to share?

Soon on my site you will find my animation advertisement for a technology event and by the end of this year I hope I will finish my short animation movie. Also you will see my first role in one science fiction movie.

Be sure to check out all of Grundmanis’s work, and we’ll be sure to share some teases of this Sci-Fi classic real soon.

Grundmanis Harijs

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