Enisaurus is one of our 30×30 exhibition artists, and in this series of showcases we aim to show and tell you a little more about the artist, their work and why they chose the film they will be creating work for.

Empire of the Sun (1987)

Film Synopsis

Based on J. G. Ballard’s autobiographical novel, tells the story of a boy, James Graham, whose privileged life is upturned by the Japanese invasion of Shanghai, December 8, 1941. Separated from his parents, he is eventually captured, and taken to Soo Chow confinement camp, next to a captured Chinese airfield. Amidst the sickness and food shortages in the camp, Jim attempts to reconstruct his former life, all the while bringing spirit and dignity to those around him.

About the Artist

Enisaurus is a Full-time Freelance Illustrator, currently working accurately with vectors, geometry, full-colored, sweet textures and good mood, from the sunny lands of Valencia, Spain.

Why did you choose this film?

I’m a huge fan of Steven Spielberg’s work. There is no other film director related with such amount of unforgettable movies, classics and recent ones. Besides, even being a peaceful man, I’ve always liked war films, and in my opinion, this one was made from a totally different point of view what we usually watch in those kinds of movies. A story from the British opulence until a camp of prisoners with a battle between China and Japan in the background, what a great film.

Be sure to check out all of Enisaurus’s work, and we’ll be sure to share some teases of this exotic classic real soon.

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