Andy Fairhurst is one of our 30×30 exhibition artists, and in this series of showcases we aim to show and tell you a little more about the artist, their work and why they chose the film they will be creating work for.

The Lost Boys (1987)

Film Synopsis

A mother and her two sons move to a small coast town in California. The town is plagued by bikers and some mysterious deaths. The younger boy makes friends with two other boys who claim to be vampire hunters while the older boy is drawn into the gang of bikers by a beautiful girl. The older boy starts sleeping days and staying out all night while the younger boy starts getting into trouble because of his friends’ obsession.

About the Artist

I’m a digital painter specialising in Pop culture prints and posters. His client list includes Lucasfilm, Disney, 20th Century Fox and Marvel. I am a member of a collective known as The Poster Posse which is an ace place to be. I am currently living in North Wales.

Why did you choose that film?

The Lost Boys is one of my all time favourite films but I had never done a poster or print for it before. To me it was one of the coolest films around. Contributing to this exhibition is now my perfect opportunity to do something with this film and I just hope I do it justice.

Any upcoming projects you want to tell us about?

I have just finished work with Grey Matter Art and Marvel and a poster for Dreamworks / Mad Duck Posters which are both yet to be released. I have always got stuff lined up with The Poster Posse and hopefully more things to come with Bottleneck Gallery. Things are great at the moment!

Be sure to check out all of Andy’s work, and we’ll be sure to share some teases of this Foreign classic real soon.

Andy Fairhurst

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